Workshop organized by IABS-EU

In partnership with
Federal Agency for Medicines and Health Products (FAMHP)
Vaccine Center of Excellence

This meeting will be held under Chatham House Rule

Scientific Committee

Steve Black
Co-chair; Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center, Cincinnati, Ohio Liz Miller
Co-chair; Immunisation Hepatitis and Blood Safety Department, Public Health England, UK Pieter Neels
IABS, Chair IABS Human Vaccine Committee Daniel Brasseur
University Libre Bruxelles, Belgium Christopher Jankosky
FDA Center for Biologics Evaluation and Research (CBER), Silver Spring, Maryland Kari Johansen
European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control, Solna, Sweden Brigitte Keller-Stanislavski
Paul-Ehrlich-Institut, Langen, Germany Emmanuel Mignot
Stanford Center for Sleep Sciences and Medicine, Stanford University, California Hanna Nohynek
National Institute for Health and Welfare, Helsinki, Finland Tom Shimabukuro
Immunization Safety Office, Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), Atlanta, Georgia Lawrence Steinman
Beckman Center for Molecular Medicine, Stanford University, California

Meeting management:

Lyon, France

Objectives of the Workshop

Influenza Pandemics occur when an influenza strain circulates that humans have been exposed to before. This may lead to widespread circulation and a high case fatality rate.

In 2009 pandemic, several H1N1 vaccines were developed against the new H1N1 virus and were extensively used. In Finland and Sweden an increase in narcolepsy was noted after the mass vaccination with one of these vaccines.  Disparate results were seen in other countries with other vaccines.  In addition, an increase of narcolepsy has been reported in countries in Asia following wild type influenza infection.

The goal of this meeting is to be prepared for the next pandemic:

  • What are the latest data on the risk of narcolepsy following exposure to 2009 pandemic vaccines?
  • What scientific data are available and what data are lacking to explain the phenomena that was seen in 2009-10?
  • What additional work is needed to prepare for potential use of adjuvanted vaccines for a future pandemic ?  


This meeting will be held under Chatham House Rule